Sunday, June 10, 2007

Letter to Editor seeks state's assistance to help Harford County pay for BRAC

A letter to the editor printed in Sunday's Harford County section of the Baltimore Sun includes a plea to the state to help Harford County deal with the influx BRAC will bring in two specific ways. The letter writer, Morita C. Bruce of Fallston, says the state is denying Harford County the tools it needs to handle the infrastructure costs incurred when trying to provide for thousands of newcomers.

The letter states:

"I'm asking you to please do two things to help Harford pay for BRAC: support enabling legislation for a transfer tax on the sale of existing homes, and help work out a deal with the Army that gives Harford the income equivalent to the taxes that would be paid if the EUL (Enhanced Use Lease) businesses were located on regular commercial property.

"So, to the members of the Harford delegation in Annapolis: Stand up for the taxpayers of the county. We need your help."

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falmanac said...

A Republican county is baffled that it can't get more funds out of a Democratic legislature - amazing. In the meantime, let's bleed existing homeowners a bit drier - brilliant.