Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BRAC + traffic = restructuring Routes 24, 22 and 40. Carpool anyone?

According to a story in this today's Aegis, it appears BRAC will require some serious road improvements to Routes 24, 22 and 40. The story said that at a Tuesday meeting of the Harford County Transportation Management Association, the county's land use and transportation chief Janet Gleisner

"emphasized the importance of considering carpooling or other transit methods while the county restructures its major roads ..."

Another meeting is scheduled in late June to discuss the work to be done on I-95, the story said.

If all these roads are getting overhauled at the same time, lets hope they get that hovercraft up and running so we can all get where we're going.

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falmanac said...

Since when did carpooling become a form of transit? My heart goes out to the poor BRACugees, they just don't know how backward things can be down here.
From http://www.publictransportation.com/facts/:
"Public transportation consists of a variety of services including: buses, trolleys and light rail, commuter trains, streetcars, cable cars, van pool services, paratransit services for senior citizens and people with disabilities, ferries and water taxies, and monorails and tramways."