Sunday, March 16, 2008

Officials to break ground Monday on $477 million complex at APG to house Fort Monmouth's communications jobs

Army officials are scheduled to break ground Monday on a $477 million complex at Aberdeen Proving Ground that will house communications jobs that are relocating from Fort Meade. While the Asbury Park Press newspaper continues to report on efforts to prove the closing of the Fort Meade base is costing the government money instead of saving it, it appears APG will be getting ready for the 8,000 jobs expected to come nonetheless. The building will be for C4ISR: mission in command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, according to a Baltimore Sun story.

"The 1.5-million-square-foot facility, built by Whiting-Turner Contractors, should be ready for occupancy in the fall of 2010, a year ahead of the deadline for the completion of BRAC."

More construction at the 73,000-acre base will start this summer on a test and evaluation center as well as a comprehensive medical research unit, the story said.

Construction began three months ago on a 200-acre business and technology park known as GATE (Government and Technology Enterprise) that will include a 60,000-square-foot laboratory and an 80,000-square- foot office building, according to the Sun.

"The GATE project is part of an 'enhanced-use program,' a nationwide push by the Department of Defense to find new ways of financing maintenance and improvements on military installations during a time when the defense budget is being stretched to support combat operations overseas. Leasing the land helps pay for many of the other base upgrades.

"'One of the reasons we won BRAC is because APG has these lands available for lease,' said James C. Richardson, Harford's economic development director."


Anonymous said...

what a waste of taxpayer money

and on top of that, Harford County residents are just too stupid to deserve this type of endeavor

hokiejane said...

Thanks much for this blog. It has great information!

Anonymous said...

Some info to share :)

NOTE: There is a job fair coming up on June 4th @ HCC for BRAC related jobs @ APG.

Also to note, the master list of government jobs from Ft. Monmouth to APG is due to arrive at APG sometime before the end of June.

The majority of the Ordnance School move will start in April 09 and will continue to 2011, but the big push will be during 2010 fiscal year to Ft. Lee, VA.

The Government based jobs that are coming from nj ARE slowly starting to show up on USAJobs.com and will increase towards the end of this year.

CACI is the first contractor that will occupy the new OPUS complex.