Sunday, August 26, 2007

Harford County State Delegates James, Stifler and Sen. Jacobs appointed to joint BRAC committee

A recent story on Examiner.com, reported that Harford County got three of its state officials appointed to a joint BRAC committee in Annapolis. They are:

Del. Mary-Dulaney James, D-District 34

Del. Donna Stifler, R-District 35

and Sen. Nancy Jacobs, R-District 34

According to the story, the nine member committee will:

"... be responsible for providing “legislative oversight” for the state’s BRAC preparations and reviewing BRAC-related bills as they pass through the General Assembly. The committee will also help fast-track the approval of transportation, water and sewer projects; affordable housing options for new workers; and school construction projects."

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